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Customised Vehicle and Motorcycle Welding


Whatever is metal, we weld it for you according to your demands or needs. We weld exhaust pipes, motorcyle or motor bikes welding for many car enthusiastics.

Using our leverage on welding technoogy and materials joining to give you a value engineering package, we hope to provide specialised and customized attention to your welding needs from a diverse range of industries.

From welding broken metal miniature aeroplane airframes modelling parts, welding scratches on Buddha Statues, welding Christianity Jewellery crosses, welding on expensive rims from model cars, new metal furniture chairs and tables, display exhibits, etc, we can assist you from product design to prototype development.

Due to our accumulated knowledge in a wide variety of welding, we may be able to assist you to locate the raw material resource you require or recommend a vendor to your needs, assisting in a full turnkey solution with our everyday customers.


Motorcycle Welding

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